Hey, I’m Sydney

I’m a central-Ohio based photographer that specializes in equine, portraiture, and automotive. My happiest days are full of story-telling, tacos, and thrills! I’m happy to help you tell your story, whether it be how your family has grown, how proud you are of the restoration on your project car, or how far your four-legged friend has come with you. Let’s get out there and make some memories and new stories to tell! 



I pride myself in being able to capture anything, but I do certainly have my favorite things to shoot. From special moments in your life to special four-legged friends in your life or that machine that gets your heart racing, I can help make sure its a memory that lasts a life time.


Let’s tell your story

I always enjoy hearing about what makes you smile from ear to ear, what brings that adrenaline rush to your heart, or who you cherish the most. It is what gives your story meaning. And every story is worth telling. Together, let’s capture some memories that will last a lifetime!

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